Registration fees of $25 (non-refundable) per student or $35 for family . Students will not be permitted to take a class if the registration fee is not paid.

30-minute class

1 Class per Week = $40 per month or $120 for 3 months of classes

45-minute class

1 Class per Week = $45 per month or $135 for 3 months of classes


5% discount is offered to families with 2 or more children enrolled in classes or with proof of military.

Tuition is paid every month or every third month. Dancers must commit to three months of dance classes at a time (excluding summer). Fees will be pro-rated if you join in the middle of a Trimester (i.e. First Trimester begins in August, Second Trimester begins in November , Third trimester begins February and last pro-rated session will end with the Recital).
Drop 1 week or less, before the new trimester starts....NO REFUND.
No refund on registration fees!

KIMDC accepts checks or cash for tuition payments only.

There are no refunds, credits, extensions or transfers of any tuition (Unless, the cancellation was more than one week in advance of the given trimester-See above for terms). No single class or partial payments will be accepted. KIMDC reserves the right to not allow a student into dance class and/or recital with an outstanding balance. Please contact the director to see if any financial assistance can be offered to you. I believe that a child that wants to dance…. should be given an opportunity to dance.
Minimum class enrollment is 5 dancers. If a class does not meet that requirement, KIMDC reserves the right to cancel the class. Alternative classes will be offered or you may opt to receive a full refund.
There will be a $35 fee assessed for all returned checks.
A non-refundable costume fee of $80 per dance class will be collected by November 10th. Each costume, once paid in full, will become the property of the dancer. If dancer(s) drop a dance class(es) after the costume(s) has been ordered, they may pick up their costume(s) at the studio anytime after that year’s dance recital has taken place. If your child is enrolled into the Company Class or is asked to do a solo, separate costume fees apply.

Non-refundable recital fee of $90 will be collected for every dancer that plans on performing in the recital. 
The recital fee goes toward overall recital expenses (i.e. rental of the facility, staffing, props, music and lighting techs, security guards, etc.). Recital fee will be collected in February.

Students who miss a class due to illness, school or excused absence may make up their dance class if a suitable class is offered that is comparable to the missed class. Please call or email the dance studio to talk about a make-up class for your child. No make-up classes or refunds will be given for weather related cancellations. Classroom attendance is very important so that your child feels comfortable and confident with the skills that are being taught in class.

The annual spring dance recital is a great opportunity for both parents and students. It is a fun and exciting time for all! It is also a commitment. Recitals require a lot of time from the dancer, parent(s), instructors, etc. is , but worth it!!!!! It is very important that the dancer attends all classes so that he/she is not lost when it comes to the recital.
Please encourage your child to attend all classes to ensure optimal growth of the individual dancer and the class as a whole. Attendance is particularly important once dance recital practices have begun, typically in November, not only so each dancer doesn’t get behind, but also because other class members are relying on your dancer for his/her role in the routine. 

How a child dresses, in its self, is an expression of art. I do not want to curtail their creativity but some restrictions must be adhered to. All female students should wear a leotard (any color) to their dance classes. Fitted tank tops, shorts, skirts, capris or jazz pants may be worn over their leotards. I should not see a child's bottom hanging outside of the shorts. T-shirts or sweatshirts will need to be taken off before class begins. The dancer's hair must be pulled back and out of their face. No gum, candy or drinks are allowed on the studio floor. The two lobbies are available for eating and drinking. All children must be potty trained or wearing protection. For the little ones, I like to have an adult present during his/her class in case a potty break is needed!

Proper dance shoes are required for each dance class. Please do not wear the dance shoes outside the dance studio. This can cause unnecessary wear and tear to your child’s dance shoes and you will need to replace them more frequently. Please mark all dance shoes with your child's name on them!

All required dancewear and shoes are available at Upstairs Dancewear in Papillion. Please make sure to pick up a coupon before driving to this store. Also, Walmart and Target carries leotards and ballet shoes. Only leather ballet shoes allowed.

Newsletters will be periodically handed out to the dancers after class. Newsletters serve as a reminder that tuition is due and also provide important information about upcoming events, reminders, and policy updates. It is the responsibility of each parent to review each newsletter and stay updated on studio news. All newsletters can be viewed online at newsletter.

All classes will begin and end on time. Please do not drop off your child before the doors are open! Parents are responsible for ensuring that their dancers arrive to class safe and on time. Parents must also be there to pick up their children as soon as class is over. If your child is younger than 6 years, I would like for a parent to remain in the waiting area of the studio during the child's class. This ensures that if there is an emergency, KIMDC can get a hold of the parent immediately. KIMDC and their staff are not responsible for children left unattended before or after dance class. All dancers MUST wait inside the studio/lobby area for their ride. This is for safety reasons. The parking lot is very busy place and many people come and go. Please go over this rule with your child!

KIMDC will cancel classes only if the Papiliion-LaVista School district has cancelled classes and activities. KIMDC will use facebook to inform parents if classes are cancelled. If you are unsure, please text 425-890-0957 before coming to class. KIMDC will not make up classes that are cancelled due to bad weather.

In the case of severe weather, KIMDC will keep all dancers and parents at the studio until the immediate threat passes. KIMDC staff will make every possible attempt to keep dancers and their family members safe during storms. When severe weather warnings are posted, please call the studio to find out if dance classes have been cancelled. 

KIMDC studio will be closed during the following breaks: Fall Break (Nov. 22-Nov. 28), Winter Break (Dec. 20-Jan. 2), Spring Break (March 15-24) and Fourth of July break (July 1-8). KIMDC will remain open during all parent/teacher conference breaks, teacher in-service days and any other days off from school, including national holidays like Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, etc. 

Dancers are asked to respect their dance teacher and classmates at all times. KIMDC staff reserve the right to excuse any child from class who is not respectful of teachers or other dancers or uses inappropriate language. If this is the case, the dancer will sit out of dance class until the parent arrives. The director and/or the teacher will speak with the parent/guardian about the incident and the child will be given a written warning. After 3 written warnings, the child will not be able to attend classes at KIMDC.

Kidz in Motion Dance Company

635 South Washington Street

Papillion, NE. 68046

425-890-0957 cell