This is one of my favorites. During the summer, Kidz in Motion offers a Storm Chaser Workshop. The dancers that attend the workshop, get to perform at the Storm Chasers Game in August

KIMDC aims to provide your daughter or son with an enriching experience that they will treasure for a lifetime.


Every Spring, Kidz in Motion has their annual dance recital. It is an opportunity for your dancer to show you what they learned in class. Starting in the fall, the dancers will learn the theme for the recital and what song they will be dancing to. Some of the kids will have characters to play and may have a few lines to recite. The recital is lay back, stress-free, spectacular and the kids have a lot of fun doing it!

The recital is typically held in a local High School Auditorium. The recital fee that is paid in November will cover admission for everyone in your family, your friends, your neighbors....anyone that wants to come to the recital is most certainly welcome!


Competition is for the more serious dancer who wants to perform at Regional and National dance competitions. The benefit of competition is a more intense instruction that will propel your dancer to a higher level of dance. The dancers learn to work as a team player and gain the confidence to dance in front of hundreds of people. This confidence and self assurance will be carried forward to everything they do in life. Competition gives your dancer life skills that can used in their future.

The downside, is that competition costs a lot. You will have a monthly tuition fee, choreography fees, entry fees and fees for costumes and travel fees. Please call Traci if you are interested about being on the competition team and she can tell you more about it. Her cell number is 425-890-0957.

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